Sunday, February 7, 2016
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7 hours ago
RT @AATHabs: Sunday afternoon? Cup finals? Doesn't sound any different when Bob Cole calls the game. @HockeyNight takes notes. #WeWantBob

7 hours ago
RT @JasonGregor: "The Oilers are an up and coming team...Yes, the ladder is long at times," Bob Cole. What a beauty. #HockeyDayInCanada

7 hours ago
RT @StuCowan1: #Habs P.K. Subban stopped interview when Bob Cole entered locker room saying "Mr. Cole!" Went to shake his hand and chat bef

7 hours ago
RT @ArponBasu: Here's the McDavid between the legs move, with an awesome call from Bob Cole"

7 hours ago
RT @rascalgas: Bob Cole is basically the Canadian version of Vin Scully.

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SITI Announces the Opening of its New Offshore Recruiting Center in Hyderabad

Thursday, March 15, 2007
Hyderabad, India -- SITI Corporation announced the opening of its new
Offshore Recruiting Center (ORC) in Hyderabad to augment its growing
RPO business and demand for its Talent Management Products. Located at
Tarnaka, the new facility can accommodate about 300 people. SITI
offers value-added, cost-saving, and efficiency-boosting recruitment
process outsourcing (RPO) services. SITI has plans to double its
workforce in the next 12 months and will actively hire talent in
Hyderabad suitable to deliver recruiting services to its international
customers. According to HRO Magazine, outsourcing of recruitment with
a goal to increase value and efficiency sits high on the agenda of
most forward-looking organizations. By outsourcing time-consuming and
high-cost recruitment processes, an organization can free its HR
function and hiring managers to focus on core business. Successful RPO
can deliver higher quality of hires, reduce hiring times, decrease
hiring costs, increase retention and can increase the profitability of

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