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Resume Mirror Releases Full Suite of Microsoft Office Tools for Enterprise Applicant Manager

Monday, February 26, 2007
Resume Mirror's Add-in tools for Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft®
Word® and Internet Explorer® provides recruiters with powerful
productivity gains. Tools provide single click resume processing and
submission to candidate database from popular Office applications._
Vancouver, BC -- Talent Technology Corporations Resume Mirror
division announced that it has released the full suite of Microsoft
Office add-in tools for its award-winning Enterprise Applicant Manager
(EAM) product. The easy-to-use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and
Internet Explorer add-ins allow recruiters to automatically process
resumes from their inbox, directly from MS Word or when sourcing
candidates on the Internet using MS Internet Explorer. The full suite
of Microsoft Office add-ins combine to give recruiters a powerful
productivity boost by enabling them to easily capture and submit
resume data from their most common business applications directly into
their candidate database.

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