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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Chicago, IL - Surprising State of HCM in China


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Toronto, ON - A life lived in words – and music

Saying goodbye is never easy. Unexpected farewells are even harder.

John Hobel, publisher and editor-in-chief of Canadian HR Reporter, passed away on March 26 following an illness. He fought the good fight, as they say.  - See more at:
by Todd Humber
Friday, February 19, 2016
Richmond Hill, ON - Phenix Management Int'l Inc has been nominated for national recognition in HR
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RT @fitzroyfastball: Japan defeats New Zealand 1-0 @2016JMWC

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RT @fitzroyfastball: @GilReadMemorial At the Squirt Tournament the weekend before, she scored games Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Great volu

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RT @NLFastpitch2014: 2016 Int ProvincialFinal Standings1 BRCL 4-12 CBSS 4-23 GOG 3-24 LCBL 2-25 PCI/RMM 2-26 MJRM 1-27 CBC Jr. 1-2

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RT @NLFastpitch2014: Ward Gosse (BRCL) Named Most Valuable Player Of The 2016 Intermediate Men's Provincial Championship.Congratulations

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RT @NLFastpitch2014: Aaron Whelan (BRCL) Sportsmanship & Ability Award Winner 2016 Intermediate Provincial Championship.Congratulations A

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HR Gets a Dose of Science

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Human resources departments are embracing software that brings
efficiency, rigor and ROI to the art of managing people_ Imagine
placing an electronic order to hire an employee the same way a factory
manager uses ERP software to order more parts for the assembly line.
Thats roughly whats happening at Oregon Health & Science University
(OHSU). And the payoff is significant: The university is filling job
openings two weeks faster than it once did and saving at least $1,500
per job now that its using Oracle Corp.s iRecruitment software. The
iRecruitment application, part of Oracle's E-Business Human Resources
Management System (EHRMS) suite, enables managers to electronically
request a new employee and process applications. The software handles
most of the time-consuming administrative work, including routing
requisition forms to the appropriate managers and posting the job on
the Web site. "We wanted to be able to open a job requisition in the
morning and have qualified candidates in the afternoon," says Joe
Tonn, director of HR information services at the university.

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