Friday, July 3, 2015
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#ISFMens2015 Lima for Venezuela sends out a rocket to deep lf for a two run home run, makes it 2-0 over Argentina.. @SoftbolARG

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Thanks for the recent follow @MaxRiverOnline @digital1reviews Happy to connect :) have a great Friday. (insight by

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Thanks @Levitate33 @missssmariaa @polypluspride @JohaBeber for being top engaged community members this week :) (via

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RT @HUchiefs: Lots of Chiefs in action tonight when @SoftballCanada takes on @SoftballOz in the #ISFmens2015 playoffs. Watch live http://t.

30 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 game underway @SoftbolARG vs Venezuela

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PeopleSoft's Founder is Back

Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Dave Duffield launches on-demand human resources software._ For
years, Dave Duffields fiercest competitor was Larry Ellison. But then
Oracle bought PeopleSoft in a hostile takeover, putting Mr. Duffield
out of a job. Now the PeopleSoft founder is back with a vengeance,
with a new company that aims to give Oracle a run for its money. After
months of anticipation, Workday, based in Walnut Creek, California, is
to launch Monday. Its software seeks to automate human resources
functions much the way PeopleSoft didmanaging employees, jobs,
compensation, and performance, as well as succession planning for the
work forcebut with a twist. This time around, Mr. Duffield will
deliver the software over the Internet instead of on shrink-wrapped
CDs. Its the 21st century version of PeopleSoft technology, says
AMR Research analyst Bruce Richardson. "Its as if Dave was
fast-forwarding everything he saw in the early 1990s."

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