Monday, June 29, 2015
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11 minutes ago
@FrisbyJames blue called obstruction by the runner

14 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 the call of the runner out at home plate with bases loaded does not sit well with Australia. Long conference, call stands.

15 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 controversy! Australia bases loaded, runner called out, ends the inning. Blue Convention beside the dish. Call stands!

20 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 B6 and Dominican struggling with pitching. New pitcher, 3 pitches, 2 HBP. Next pitcher, gives up a single then hits batter.

28 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 going to B6 with Dominican holding a 5-3 lead on Australia. Dominican warming up a new pitcher.


Better Data, Better Decisions help hospitals analyze their workforce

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Better Data, Better Decisions help hospitals analyze their workforce (

At HHS, NHSRU researchers retrieved data from the hospital's Human Resource Information System (HRIS), analyzing and synthesizing data sources not usually accessed for this purpose. The analysis revealed some interesting aspects of the HHS nursing workforce. It showed that HHS, with one of the largest nursing workforces in the country, is heading into an impending problem if it doesn't increase the number of younger nurses on its staff. It also found the internal turnover at HHS was high with 32 per cent of the nursing workforce changing jobs or status. In contrast, the overall retention rate was high and the degree of external turnover was low. The findings also showed younger nurses were accessing paid leave more than their senior counterparts.

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