Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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1 seconds ago
#ISFMens2015 B3 Havercroft, fly out. Toddhunter, walks. Cockman, walks. Sinclair out at 1b. Zenon Winters, single, rbi. 8-0 for AUS.

10 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 T3, Sadgal, out at 1b. Miljavic, out at 1b. Hineline, out at 1b. 3 down. to B3 with Aus leading 6-0 over USA.

15 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 Tony Mancha in to pitch for @ASAUSASoftball - 1 out, runner on 1b, 6-0 lead for @SoftballOz Goffer hits into a double play.

17 minutes ago
AlsFastball News Daily is out!

17 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 B2 Andrew Kirkpatrick comes to bat, 5-0 lead, 1 out, hits the cf fence scores 1. 6-0 lead Coach is out, Muizelaar is retired..

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Regional Coordinator Global Mobility - Job Opening

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Regional Coordinator Global Mobility
Position: Regional Coordinator
Department: Global Mobility
Location:  Concord, Ontario
Reporting To: Manager, Global Mobility

This position is responsible for the administration of the Global Mobility Program and to ensure fair and equitable treatment for employees who are permanently relocated or on a temporary assignment.

·         Clearly understand the policies and procedures of the Global Mobility Program
·         Counsel Divisional/Group Human Resources on the Global Mobility Program
·         Advise Divisional/Group Human Resources on documentation requirements based on policy selection
·         Provide timely and efficient customer service to Divisional/Group Human Resources
·         Ensure accuracy and completeness of documentation and appropriate approvals
·         Initiate mobility services, expatriate benefits and tax services with vendor as required
·         Initiate immigration and security services with internal departments as required
·         Liaise with vendors to ensure employee initiations are serviced, employee needs are met in a timely manner and to maximize operational effectiveness
·         Assist in resolving vendor related service issues
·         Escalate unresolved service related issues to Program Manager
·         Review and reconcile vendor invoices
·         Provide information to the Program Manager for compliance reporting and analysis
·         Recommend improvements to the policies and procedures and operational processes

·         Excellent communication skills (written, verbal and presentation)
·         Customer service oriented
·         Ability to adapt to change
·         Ability to work well in a team environment
·         Excellent organizational skills
·         Excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office/Lotus Notes)
·         Good knowledge and understanding of Magna structure would be beneficial
·         Previous experience in mobility administration/immigration would be an asset
·         Basic knowledge of accounting (invoicing and billing)
·         Ability to train others (ie. Divisional HR’s)

·         Normal office position duties, with frequent use of computer
·         Able to handle/maintain confidential information
·         Ability to work flexible hours and overtime as required


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