Saturday, July 4, 2015
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RT @BPBroadcasting: New Zealand 9, Canada 5, final #ISFMens2015

16 minutes ago
RT @BPBroadcasting: Australia v Venezuela game coming up @SportsCanadaTV See the lineup! #ISFMens2015 @

24 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: Final Score: New Zealand 9 Canada 5New Zealand stays hot and advances to tomorrows final. #ISFMens2015

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Thanks for the recent follow @jugozimilip @hirijokewit @5Rmerlyn Happy to connect :) have a great Sunday. (via

31 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: B7- Brad Ezekiel with a solo HR to make it 9-5 with 0 out. #ISFMens2015

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PeopleScout Honored with Prestigious Recruiting, Staffing Award

Sunday, December 17, 2006
Chicago, IL -- PeopleScout, a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
company, has won the coveted 2006 RASBIC Award for the "Most
Informative Recruiting and Staffing Industry Resource. The annual
Recruiting & Staffing Best In Class Award (RASBIC), now in its third
year of honoring companies with the most innovative practices in
workforce management and planning, was presented to PeopleScout by HR
IQ, a division of the International Quality & Productivity Center
(IQPC). Judges for the award include a prestigious list of recruiting
& staffing experts and leaders who evaluate the effectiveness of
world-class recruiting and staffing professionals and programs.

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