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HR Professionals to Participate in Determining the 'Hot Hundred Talent Management Technologies'

Friday, December 5, 2008
Talent Management Technology: HR Professionals Invited to Participate in Determining the 'Hot Hundred Talent Management Technologies' at TalentManagementTech.com

TalentManagementTech.com, a free Web 2.0 business community for HR and recruiting professionals, invites members to help its editors determine the hottest companies in talent management technology

TalentManagementTech.com (TMT), the world's most comprehensive online and searchable directory of talent management technologies, today announced its plans in 2009 to release a report titled the Hot Hundred Talent Management Technologies. Founder RD Whitney and Editor in Chief Brent Skinner invited HR and recruiting professionals who are members of the TMT community to help in the process of compiling the Hot Hundred by rating the TMT content of HR technology companies that post to the site. TMT members' input will comprise a major criterion the site's editors will use to identify the hottest of these firms.

"Every day the HR and recruiting community learns of yet another talent management technology," said RD Whitney, founder of TalentManagementTech.com and CEO of Caroo Media, online publishing arm in the U.S. for U.K.-based Tarsus Group plc. "Someone needs to figure out which ones are the hottest, and TMT is uniquely positioned to do so because our site provides a search engine–optimized forum where these HR technology companies can post the best of their content, all for their marketplace to see."

TalentManagementTech.com marshals the very latest in Web 2.0 functionality to create a free online community that helps improve search engine optimization (SEO) for professionals in human resources and recruiting and in talent management technologies and services. Through its affiliation with Onrec.com, Online Recruitment Magazine and other global media properties belonging to Tarsus, TMT is able to reach hundreds of thousands in the talent management industry.

To rate content at TMT and thus assist the site's editors in determining the Hot Hundred Talent Management Technologies, talent management professionals must first register at TalentManagementTech.com, which is free to do and prompts the system to generate an e-mail that provides further instructions on how to create and enhance a personal profile and post content to the site.

Registered members may then go about rating companies' content on the site on a scale of one to five "flames," icons they can click on to indicate how much they like the associated content. Two blog entries at TMT explain the process in greater detail.

TMT's features define the site's utility and are free to participants, who may blog and post news releases and other public relations materials without limitations. In addition, TMT's editors continually mine the site for the "Who's Who in Talent Management," professionals whose personal profiles on the site present their exemplary credentials in robust ways. Furthermore, TalentManagementTech.com is home to the TMT Directory, which lists more than a thousand firms that offer technologies and services for the talent management professions, and anyone who has a professional profile on TMT may also create, enhance and expand his or her company's listing in the TMT directory.

"TMT is fast becoming the go-to destination online for savvy HR and recruiting professionals and the companies that create talent management technologies for them," said Skinner. "Our objective is always to help our community of talent management professionals make wise decisions as they select the very best technologies for their needs. Providing a fundamental framework for them, the Hot Hundred Talent Management Technologies promises to become a major pillar underpinning their decision-making process."

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