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Human Resource Executive(R) Magazine Announces 2008 Top HR and Training Products of the Year

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Human Resource Executive(R) Magazine Announces 2008 Top HR and Training Products of the Year

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Released : Wednesday, October 15, 2008 10:15 AM
CHICAGO, Oct. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Earlier this month, Human Resource Executive(R) magazine announced the winners of its 20th Annual Top HR and Top Training Products of the Year awards. The winners of HR's most coveted product awards will be recognized at a special luncheon being held tomorrow, October 15th, during the 11th Anniversary HR Technology Conference & Exposition(R) at McCormick Place in Chicago.
"For 20 years, Human Resource Executive(R) magazine has recognized excellence and innovation in the HR vendor community with its Top 10 HR and Top Training products awards," said David Shadovitz, editor-in-chief and co- publisher of Human Resource Executive(R) and co-chair of the conference. "This year's contest attracted a much wider array of solutions that seem to be mastering software integration and the use of Web 2.0 technology. We're happy to once again be able to recognize the industry's most innovative developers and their products that are delivering on their promises and making HR's job easier during the 11th Anniversary HR Technology Conference & Exposition(R)."
The magazine's top 10 choices for HR products and top choices for training products are detailed in the October issue of HRE magazine. The winners and their products are included below:

Top 10 HR Products of 2008:

Salary.com (Nasdaq: SLRY) TalentManager Succession Planning is a module designed to let users search for candidates based on a combination of requirements including competencies, performance, readiness, potential and promotability. Workers are given their own employee profile, which managers can compare side by side, either by position requirements or by their performance reviews. They can also be compared in the "succession dashboard," which uses configurable data points and assigns descriptors such as potential and performance. Managers can align and realign the order of employees in approved succession plans.

Development Dimensions International Inc., Success Profiles: Navigator is designed to automate job analysis and competency management using a mix of customization, automation and integration with other talent-management providers. Addressing all four facets of DDI's Success Profile platform -- knowledge, experience, competencies and personal attributes required for every job -- it relies on instant access to more than 3,000 benchmark job analyses already conducted by the company. The objective is to bring competency management and performance management together into one service while serving as a central connecting hub for additional software. Users can filter competency data by industry, job level and job function, and receive instant reports on the frequency those competencies were found in each analysis. They can also customize data-collection methods DDI helps them manage.

eQuest's Prophesy3 is an end-to-end tracking system that includes analytics, from posting of a job through the hiring process. The tracking includes where, when and at what time a candidate initially views a posted job, measures how many viewers submit a resume, tracks interviews and job offers, and reports on original job-board source as well as cost-to-hire and time-to-hire. The application also allows recruiters to benchmark their metrics and results against the eQuest database. Prophesy3 can be integrated with most enterprise-resource planning and applicant-tracking systems.

Avature USA's Recruiting CRM is a candidate sourcing system designed specifically to help firms recruit globally. It's intended to sit in front of an applicant-tracking system and help recruiters search for, find and connect with job candidates and manage the resulting workflow. Its features include a "Web crawler" that searches the open Internet for resumes and additional data about candidates, then downloads the data and filters out essential contact information and indexes it to make it available for fast searching. Recruiting CRM's "parsing engine" creates "Person Records" for each candidate with the intent of making it easier to track candidates electronically. Users can also use the software to search free and paid-subscription job boards, track and consolidate phone, e-mail and chat between recruiters and candidates and build social-network profiles of candidates.

HighRoads Inc, The Lab is a Web-based portal designed to let users compare their health-benefit plans with those of their competitors in real-time, without waiting for the results of vendors' or consultants' self-reported paper surveys. Because HighRoads already updates summary plan descriptions and automates and operates benefit plans for more than 130 companies, it provides updated information on premiums and costs for all types of benefits -- ranging from co-pays and hospital-stay deductibles to reimbursements for alternative and voluntary services. Searches can be customized by company size, industry, location and demographics, and can yield instant charts and graphics illustrating where a company's plan stands in comparison to others. The product also includes a glossary feature as well as reporting capabilities.

JWT INSIDE Track (Nasdaq: WPPGY) is a media-tracking and sourcing measurement product for use by JWT INSIDE clients that is designed to assess the cost-effectiveness of media-communication channels based on a URL-tagging system rather than self-reporting methods. It applies source tracking and application data to any online or offline media placement run through the client extranet -- including job postings, direct e-mail campaigns, billboards, radio spots, print advertisements, traditional direct-mail programs, job-fair flyers, brochures and online buttons or banners. Clients see all media channels displayed with the dollars spent, number of visits to their sites and completed online applications that the channel generated. Users can also drill down within each media channel listing to the individual media properties used, and can also drill down to specific media placements and transactions.

Kenexa SimSJT: Customer Service is a Web-based off-the-shelf assessment "simulation" product that uses virtual 3-D environments intended to help employers decide if job candidates are well-suited for customer-service work before they're hired. SimSJT provides users (job candidates) with a virtual 3- D animated interface that puts them in real situations, with the aim of determining whether they're up to snuff when it comes to delivering high- quality customer service. SimSJT, which runs via Adobe Flash on the Web, asks candidates to show how they would handle specific customer-service situations (it measures eight personality traits and competencies specific to customer service). It's broken down into hotel, retail, apartment-leasing, office and restaurant segments, so employers in those segments can choose their own module.

HumanConcepts' OrgPlus Enterprise Blueprint is a SaaS-delivered product designed to take advantage of interactive and collaborative technologies to create organizational charts. The application is an add-on module to OrgPlus' base application. Users can create various scenarios to view the impact of proposed staffing changes, create a "staging" area -- a temporary holding area for unassigned employees and business units -- and produce reports based on approved charts. The system is permissions-based, allowing only authorized users to view and change charts. Working through projected scenarios, users can collaborate on projected organizational changes, and then publish their charts in a variety of formats.

LinkedIn Corporate Solutions' LinkedIn Recruiter is designed to let staffing teams search for and connect with active and passive job candidates within the 26 million -- and growing -- group of professionals in 133 countries who've set up LinkedIn profiles. Searches can be targeted by keyword, education, geography or skills. The product also lets recruiters seek referrals from those in LinkedIn to other potential job candidates, uses an "InMail" system to reach prospects, supports OFCCP auditing and provides collaborative tools that allow recruiters to share profiles and projects with their colleagues. A clipboard feature allows for better organization of information, as recruiters can use it as a staging area for candidate information while searching and then export the information to various projects or databases.

HireRight, Inc, HireRight Enterprise is an enterprise-wide screening- management solution that allows users to request and oversee criminal-records searches, employment and education-history verifications, I-9s and credit reports, motor-vehicle records searches, drug tests and more. Searches can be international or state-specific. The dashboard -- a first for management of screening activities -- displays summaries and real-time progress on all requests, offers a library of letters and e-signatures for compliance and provides workforce analytics. The application can be integrated with other applicant-tracking systems.

Top Training Products of 2008:

FranklinCovey and Ninth House's The 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Interactive Edition is designed to help users develop their individual and organizational effectiveness. Users view a Hollywood-style film about a young professional named Stacey who was recently promoted to team leader at a call center. The users watch her make decisions -- at work and at home -- that help her go from struggling to succeeding. Pre-tests and post-tests help users see where they initially stand and what they've learned. After learning the seven habits, viewers take on a persona named Riley and enter a simulation where Riley is tasked with retooling a hospital's Web site. As Riley goes through the process, users are frequently asked multiple-choice questions about how best to proceed, with the goal of testing their knowledge of the seven habits.

TalentKeepers Inc., Onboard Connection aims its sights on the relationship between new and existing employees and their leaders. Consisting of new team- member surveys, structured meeting formats and a leader training program, it is designed to teach leaders how to build strong relationships with their employees based on mutual trust and commitment. Information culled from short surveys that asks team members what they value most in a leader can be used by leaders to build solid foundations with employees during "Handshake Meetings," where expectations on both sides are set and an action summary plan is created.

ELT Inc, Wage & Hour is designed to educate both managers and employees in the specifics of wage-and-hour laws, with the intent of helping organizations avoid wage- and hour-related lawsuits. Using a library of prepared content, filtered through "smart logic" to fit the user's specific needs, the customizable course encompasses federal and state wage laws as well as company-specific policies. Employees must click on one of the screen of faces -- lined up like the opening shot of The Brady Bunch -- listen to each story, and then correctly complete some questions before tackling the next vignette, all dealing with various wage-and-hour issues such as overtime, off-the-clock work, reporting errors, and meals and breaks. The manager course is more extensive, including lessons on handling complaints and recordkeeping.

To access additional information on the 11th Anniversary HR Technology Conference and Exposition(R), visit www.hrtechnologyconference.com.

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