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Zapoint Launches The Industry's First Unified Talent Platform

Thursday, October 16, 2008
Zapoint Launches The Industry's First Unified Talent Platform
Released : Wednesday, October 15, 2008 10:00 AM
Business Editors
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--October 15, 2008--McCORMICK PLACE / BOOTH 309 – Today at the 11 th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chicago, Zapoint, Inc. unveiled the world’s first Talent Platform, a revolutionary online innovation for recruiting, developing and retaining talent. Zapoint’s talent platform quantifies individual skills and achievement into a common “talent currency”-the unit of exchange that can be used as basis of objective comparison and serve as the standard value in the exchange and management of professional talent. Designed using HR best practices and the latest Web 2.0 technologies, the Zapoint Talent Platform is the foundation for their growing portfolio of talent-based applications for businesses, recruiters and job seekers.
“Zapoint’s mission is to alter the manner by which talent is captured, consumed and managed,” said Chris Twyman, founder and CEO of Zapoint. “As the first step in fulfilling that mission, we created the industry’s first patent pending talent algorithm-that quantifies individual skills and achievement into an objective and common talent currency that can be trusted and traded between professionals, recruiters and enterprises. This is the essence of the Zapoint Talent Platform.”
The centerpiece to Zapoint’s Talent Platform is the LifeChart(tm), a dynamic graphical representation of skills and achievement. With the LifeChart, organizations can for the first time consistently measure and compare talent, enabling HR, business managers and recruiters alike to optimize talent strategies at every stage of the employment lifecycle. This unified approach helps organizations align their workforce with strategic initiatives, match the right skills to hiring requirements, manage competencies and maintain the skills necessary for success.
Furthermore, by allowing data to be quickly captured online and converted into a consistent format, Zapoint’s Talent Platform lowers recruitment costs, reduces inefficiencies and builds precision into the entire hiring and talent management process.
“According to our research, companies that employ online innovative technology for recruiting, maintaining and developing talent, see significant return on investment,” said Jayson Saba, Senior Research Associate, Human Capital Management for Aberdeen Group. “Zapoint has a technology that does just this, as it provides a consistent and transferable talent language, and seems to streamline the talent development process by facilitating communication between parties in the talent value chain.”
Zapoint’s Talent Platform functions as a standalone application or as an invaluable supplement to existing tools and systems used in the talent management field. What’s more, the platform has been proven powerful enough to drive a number of new applications supporting recruiters and job seekers, as well as corporations and organizations. The following Zapoint applications are currently available:

Zapoint Enterprise – online, integrated, cross-functional talent management
Zapoint Recruiter – online recruiting and intelligent resume processing tool
Zapoint Groups – Integrated & Secured Enterprise Social Networking
Zapoint Professional – online career management and professional networking for job seekers
Zapoint Diversity Dashboard –gain insights into corporate culture and employee diversity
Zapoint Partner Applications – embed with third party HR and talent management applications
Zapoint Widgets – publish Zapoint profiles to job boards and online social networks
Among the many businesses, non-profits and educational institutions that use Zapoint are DirectTV, Hult International Business School and Sovereign Bank.
Platinum Sponsor
Zapoint, a Platinum Sponsor of Human Resource Executive’s 11 th Annual HR Technology Conference & Expo, is demonstrating its suite of Talent Platform applications from its exhibit at Booth 309 in McCormick Place. To learn more, or to sign up for a Zapoint application, visit the booth or www.zapoint.com.
About Zapoint:
Zapoint is one of the fastest growing talent management software vendors in the market.With Zapoint’s leading Talent Platform, organizations can more effectively recruit, maintain and develop their workforce capital to sustain their competitive advantage.Founded in 2007, Zapoint serves customers in virtually every country in the world.For more information, please visit www.zapoint.com.
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