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Two co-op Students Available for Free in Toronto area

Monday, September 22, 2008

In my class of grade 12 co-op students, I have 2 young men who are graduating from high school this year. In this last semester which runs until the end of January, I need to find them a co-op placement (like an internship) for 30 - 35  hours week. The students are fully covered by Workplace  Insurance with premiums paid by the Ministry of Education, and have completed a 3 week program in school to help them be successful at the workplace. Computers are their passion, and they would like to get into creating or programming video games as their career goal, but will be happy to be involved in a related position. The goal of this placement is to help them further develop computer and programming skills and also to  understand the expectations of working with computers in the real world.

There is no payment required during the placement, although most employers cover travel costs (TTC pass or tokens)   Some supervisors decide to hire the students on a part time or full time basis at some point during or after the placement, and that no problem under the co-op program, although it is not an expectation. We understand that various workplaces  have different policies regarding students and interns.

In addition to facilitating the placement, my role is to continue to work with the students to ensure that they are  having a successful learning experience.  I am in touch with them by phone and email while at work, and on alternate Mondays they return to school. They keep up to date by checking my website, and have weekly assignments, which are to be done outside of placement hours.  In addition, I visit each student at the workplace once or twice each month, so he can show me the work he's  are doing, and  help me understand his learning and challenges.  I am also a support and liaision for their supervisor/mentor at the workplace.

Our school is near Markham and Lawrence, but many of our students travel downtown or wherever the TTC takes them!  We find connections to the west end take quite a while because its not as direct, so Scarborough or downtownanywhere they can get  on the subway is easiest.  For the right opportunity, they are willing to travel, but I agree that it'd better to spend the majority of the time learning and doing rather than just travelling, so if a better location is available, it would be helpful.

You can reach me by email or cell phone 647 228-3788 today.

Thanks so much for your willingness to help.  I know from years of doing co-op placements that its a win-win for everyone.


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