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Chicago, IL - - Has HR Technology Been Changing? Do You Think?

In the last five years alone, HR technology has moved from one era to another. The cloud, social applications in the enterprise, analytics and mobile are changing its course for everyone.

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Toronto, ON - - Bring Organizational Value Through HR Tech - 2017 IHRIM CONFERENCE: Register Now

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Toronto, ON - - IHRIM Announces IBM's Louis Richardson to Keynote


RESPOND BY JULY 16 to the CedarCrestone 2008-2009 HR Systems Survey

Thursday, June 5, 2008
RESPOND BY JULY 16 to the CedarCrestone 2008-2009 HR Systems Survey
To see the web version, click here.
Dear Colleague:
CedarCrestone is pleased to invite you to participate in our 11th annual industry-leading survey initiative to uncover trends that define HR technologies usage and sourcing decisions. The survey may be accessed by visiting
Why Participate?
The results of this effort can support you in justifying investments for new technologies or sourcing initiatives. Further, this year’s survey results will provide invaluable metrics for benchmarking. As a survey respondent, you will receive results in advance of our public release at the HR Technology conference on October 15, 2008. And, CedarCrestone will mail a $5 Starbucks gift card to the first 100 respondents that complete valid entries to all questions. AND, there is an additional opportunity for another $5 Starbucks card hidden inthe questionnaire.
Who Should Participate?
The target respondent works for an organization with 500 or more employees. This person is an HR or IT executive or manager with knowledge of the HR technologies in use and planned, as well as an overview of key sourcing decisions. As no one person may have all this information, we make it easy for multiple people in your organization to respond to the same questionnaire.
Continuing and New Research Areas For 2008
The survey is broad in its coverage, including:
  •  Talent management and business intelligence applications
  •  Self service, portal, and Web 2.0 innovations
  •  Sourcing choices. Do you keep processes, technology, and people in-house or do you outsource?
  •  Current year expenditures and next year’s budgets
  •  Metrics such as employee/HR staff ratios, administrative costs per employee, and many others that will be
     invaluable benchmark metrics
Please Participate in this Industry-leading Research
The estimated time to complete the survey is 30 minutes. To make your participation more convenient, you can work on the survey in several sessions. Data collection begins today and will be available through July 16, 2008. The survey instrument is available at
Please direct any comments and questions to me. We appreciate your contribution to what is the most comprehensive collection of data focused on HR technologies usage and overall HR service delivery.
Kind Regards,
Alexia Martin
Director, Research and Analytics

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