Sunday, July 5, 2015
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3 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: T7- A lead off walk but Venezuela can not capitalize on the baserunner. Last chance for Australia down by 4. #ISFMens2015

9 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: B6- Australia goes down in order. We are heading to the 7th with Venezuela leading 4-0. #ISFMens2015

13 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: T6- Nothing across for Venezuela but they still lead 4-0 heading to the bottom of 6. #ISFMens2015

16 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: B5-Jones no hitter broken up by Aaron Cockman on a pinch-hit single but thats it for Australia. 4-0 Venezuela after 5. #IS

26 minutes ago
RT @ISFMens2015: T5-Folkard strikes out 2 and gets a line out. 4-0 Venezuela heading to the bottom 5. #ISFMens2015

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SAP rolls out first enchancement package for mySAP ERP

Tuesday, December 5, 2006
SAP released the first enhancement package for mySAP ERP 2005,
extending the functionality in the areas of human capital management
(HCM), financials and in the manufacturing and retail verticals. The
specific enhancement components are optional for customers and are
included in the standard license and maintenance fees. SAP will
continue to develop enhancement packages for mySAP ERP 2005 through
2010. At that point, the various enchancement packages, as well as new
core processes, will be rolled into a new version of the ERP suite,
said Shai Agassi, SAP president of the Products & Technology Group.

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