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Effective HR Outsourcing Solutions

Friday, March 14, 2008
Effective HR Outsourcing Solutions

HR leaders must know how to thread their way through the ins and outs of outsourcing before their organizations can build an effective HR solution.

By Michael Eck


Although HR professionals have been using outsourcing in one way or another for many years, the trend continues to gather steam. A growing number of organizations are outsourcing at least some of their HR functions.

Some point to increasing cost pressures or the need to relieve staff of their administrative burden. Others say they are looking to improve their focus, access first-rate capabilities, share risks and rewards, keep up with rapidly evolving technology, deal with increasing regulatory and compliance requirements and/or to better manage continuous change.

This article looks at the current state of outsourcing -- what HR is outsourcing now and why.


Why Organizations Outsource: The Fact and the Fiction

Most HR departments have many common expectations and perceptions about outsourcing -- not all of which are true.

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