Thursday, July 2, 2015
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6 minutes ago
Jack Green Memorial Senior Men's Fastball Tournament #Fastball #CalandarON Sep 4-6, 2015

12 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 going to T2 no score Team USA vs Denmark From behind the dish but listening live to @playbyplay21 and @blairjs17

24 minutes ago
RT @Fastpitchwest: @Fastpitchwest also appreciates @AlsFastball and his dedication to our great game. #ISFMen2015

38 minutes ago
RT @blairjs17: @BPBroadcasting @DanmarkSoftball @ASAUSASoftball Valdemar Terkelsen v Josh Johnson @playbyplay21 @blairjs17 Coming up at 3p

42 minutes ago
#ISFMens2015 up next at BVI 3pm game between Team USA @ASAUSASoftball and Team Denmark - may start early, 2:40pm and everyone ready


15 Innovators and Influencers Who Will Make A Difference In 2008

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
15 Innovators & Influencers Who Will Make A Difference In 2008

Meet 15 people who will help shape the business technology world in the coming year. They're not the usual suspects -- the names everyone knows. Several are industry and tech execs, and most are gurus, prophets, or evangelists of one sort or another. They're all passionate about an idea, an approach, or a technology, and they're focused on driving it to the next level. Watch for each of them to be a force for change in their own corner of the tech world.
Co-founder & President, Workday
Using software-as-a-service model to put the squeeze on Big Software
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