Sunday, July 5, 2015
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AlsFastball News Daily is out! Stories via @Fastpitchwest @NZSoftball

17 minutes ago
@dbarr_don Thank you for following along all week.

18 minutes ago
RT @dbarr_don: @AlsFastball Thank you Al for your incredible effort to keep fastball fans completely informed re World Softball Tournament.

19 minutes ago
@GumptheUmp @stevemullaley @BPBroadcasting @WBSC - Just living the dream!

20 minutes ago
@Chermai Thank you, it was a wonderful 10 days!


HRM Wiki

Monday, July 30, 2007
HRM Wiki

HRSG is proud to announce our sponsorship of the HRM Wiki. The intent of this site is to collect information on HR management that we can share with our clients, associates, partners and eventually the world. This will help increase the understanding of competency-based management in the HR community. 
Please have a look at the wiki at the following address and feel free to add / modify the content.
Adding to the wiki is easy, just click the edit button in the menu bar on the page you are interested in changing. For more information on adding to or editing the wiki just click on the contributions link on the main page.  All input is welcome.
Have fun!!

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