Saturday, July 4, 2015
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RT @BPBroadcasting: New Zealand 9, Canada 5, final #ISFMens2015

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RT @BPBroadcasting: Australia v Venezuela game coming up @SportsCanadaTV See the lineup! #ISFMens2015 @

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RT @ISFMens2015: Final Score: New Zealand 9 Canada 5New Zealand stays hot and advances to tomorrows final. #ISFMens2015

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Thanks for the recent follow @jugozimilip @hirijokewit @5Rmerlyn Happy to connect :) have a great Sunday. (via

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RT @ISFMens2015: B7- Brad Ezekiel with a solo HR to make it 9-5 with 0 out. #ISFMens2015

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Watson Wyatt to Acquire WisdomNet, Talent Management Software and Consulting Firm

Thursday, June 21, 2007
WASHINGTON -- Watson Wyatt Worldwide, a leading global consulting
firm, announced its intention to acquire WisdomNet, a Denver-based
talent management solution and consulting firm. Founded in 2001,
WisdomNet offers a proprietary line of business software products,
including an end-to-end solution for managing organizations' talent
management processes. These applications will increase Watson Wyatt's
capabilities in the talent management technology area by linking and
delivering compensation planning, performance management, succession
planning, career development and workforce planning functionality -
all within one firm. They will also complement Watson Wyatt's current
suite of compensation management, performance review and benefits
administration solutions.

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