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Executive Search Leader to Speak at XMeis China-U.S. HR Conference

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Executive Search Leader to Speak at XMeis China-U.S. HR Conference

Walnut Creek, Calif., May 15, 2007 ? XMei International, a U.S.-China business consulting and development organization, announces that executive search expert Kyung H. Yoon will deliver a key speech at their upcoming conference and expo, "Making China Your 'Gold Mountain.'"

Yoon, the vice chairman of Heidrich & Struggles International, Inc., will speak on "What it Takes to Lead in China," addressing the leadership needs of Chinese organizations. The talk is based on a 12-month study of the top talent situation in China, conducted by Heidrich & Struggles in partnership with Stanford University's Project on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Yoon will share her own insights from a long career in global executive search as well.

The research study is based on in-depth interviews with over 100 top executives of China technology enterprises like Lenovo, Neusoft, and AsiaInfo. It provides a blueprint for how to pick the entrepreneurs and executives who are most likely to prevail in a highly competitive and fast-changing market.

"Making China Your Gold Mountain" will be held in South San Francisco from May 23-25 and is the first event in the U.S. with influential Chinese HR executives and business leaders from multinational companies, private Chinese companies, Chinese consulting firms and the government. XMei's goal is to create an environment for learning and networking among those interested in business ventures between China and the U.S. "Finding quality leadership is one of the key challenges of doing business in China," said Xiaoli Mei, president and founder of XMei International. "Ms. Yoon's experience and insight will prove invaluable to attendees."

An executive summary of the study, titled "Getting Results in China," may be downloaded at http://www.xmei-int.com/whitePapers.html.

About Kyung Yoon
Kyung Yoon is vice chairman of Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. and a member of the Office of the Chairmen, which directs the firm's board of directors, CEO and other marquee search assignments on a worldwide basis. Since joining the firm in 1994 in Menlo Park, California, Kyung has been one of the key drivers in Heidrick & Struggles' Asia Pacific expansion. She served as Area Managing Partner, North Asia, with management responsibility for the Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Seoul offices and spent five years in Singapore and Hong Kong.

About XMei International

XMei International is dedicated to promoting business development between the U.S. and China. It organizes events, both in the U.S. and China, which enable companies to develop new business opportunities, increase knowledge of the other country's business practices, and make valuable international business connections. XMei International also offers other services, including business matches and consulting and market research for both U.S. and Chinese clients.

Liz Menkes
XMei International

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