Sunday, January 25, 2015
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RT @dobleplaycom: Maracaibo tambin consigue su boleto a semifinal del #AAU2015 al vencer a Kanata Storm 7-5

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RT @HUchiefs: We are about 15 mins from the start of the semis against Maracaibo, who defeated the Kanata Storm 7-5. #AAU2015

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RT @TheRealAAU: Equipo Sopotociento defeat the A1 Bombers, 1-0! #AAUFastpitchChamps #AAU2015

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#AAU2015 9am games completed, 11am games underway. #TheRealAAU #Fastball AND live stream

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The Crackberry and HR People...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Crackberry and HR People...

By now, you may know that the term "crackberry" has officially made it into Webster's, a watermark that clearly states a phrase has won hearts and minds on the path to creditability.  If you don't know, the term "crackberry" refers to the addictive nature of the Blackberry, and the pattern of users to check the device at all hours and locations previously deemed as off-limits (family time, bed, church, etc.).

As you might expect, the constant intrusion as well as slang comparing the telecom device to street drugs has caused a backlash among a subculture of professionals who don't want a Blackberry.  Case in point, I have at least three HR Director/Manager friends who have said no to a Blackberry at their companies.  The rest of their workforce is going mad in the usual ways, using the Blackberry at all times and frustrating their families.  Not my HR friends - they are making a stand for balance....

While the stance is admirable, is it smart for a HR pro to not carry a Blackberry when all managers around them have them?   Are my friends destined to be thrown into the HR Dinosaur stereotype at their companies?  I have a feeling not accepting the technology of the day lends itself to that stereotype, no matter how unfair...

As for me, I have the crackberry and have never been happier.  My wife thinks otherwise - she would literally throw it under a truck if she didn't know another one would take its place the following day.  I probably need to find some balance via a 12-Step program like this one...

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