Sunday, August 2, 2015
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7 minutes ago
#Erie2015 Don Scott started for Chiefs, Grant Patterson now in relief. Linton for Gators.

9 minutes ago
#Erie2015 B4 Gators lead Chiefs 5-1. @TorontoGators leading @HUchiefs

46 minutes ago
RT @TorontoGators: #Erie2015 Gators beat #2KHT 9-6 @Cleary_11 in for Hayes for the win over Schofield in for French. Will play @HUchiefs in

47 minutes ago
RT @HUchiefs: Scott for the Chiefs, Linton for the Gators. After 1, Gators up 3-0.

58 minutes ago
Thanks @ErinDurant42 @brianbanner38 @DaveRanderson1 for being top engaged community members this week :) (insight by

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HRSG Competency Certification Workshops

Thursday, May 3, 2007

HRSG Competency Certification Workshops


Back by Popular Demand: HRSG's Competency Certification Workshops!

Our first Competency Certification Workshop series was such a great success that we are now offering a second workshop date! For our valued clients who were unable to attend our last workshop, HRSG would like to offer you the first opportunity to register for our upcoming Competency Certification Workshop on June 18th.

This offer includes a 10% reduction in the regular pricing of our Level 1 Workshop, but seats are limited, so please act now to take advantage of this special offer that we’re extending only to our most valued clients!

About the Competency Training Program:
This two-part program is designed to develop the capability to fully participate in the competency profiling process as a facilitator and competency developer. Following certification, participants will be able to communicate the benefits, components and process involved in competency-based HR Management. Participants will learn to plan the competency initiative, build competency profiles while working with job experts, and will be able to advise their organization on how to implement competency-based Human Resource Management.

For a detailed agenda for both workshops, please download HRSG's Competency Certification Program (PDF).

Act fast on this special offer! Registration forms are available at:
Level 1: Competency Certification Level_1_Registration (PDF)
Level 2: Competency Certification Level_2_Registration (PDF)

For more information, please contact HRSG Customer Service at

Best regards,

HRSG Customer Service
HRSG (Human Resource Systems Group)
6 Antares Drive, Phase II, Suite 100
Ottawa ON K2E 8A9
Tel: (613) 745-6605
Fax: (613) 745-4019

“Customer-centred HR Solutions”



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