Sunday, February 7, 2016
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2 hours ago
RT @AATHabs: Sunday afternoon? Cup finals? Doesn't sound any different when Bob Cole calls the game. @HockeyNight takes notes. #WeWantBob

2 hours ago
RT @JasonGregor: "The Oilers are an up and coming team...Yes, the ladder is long at times," Bob Cole. What a beauty. #HockeyDayInCanada

2 hours ago
RT @StuCowan1: #Habs P.K. Subban stopped interview when Bob Cole entered locker room saying "Mr. Cole!" Went to shake his hand and chat bef

2 hours ago
RT @ArponBasu: Here's the McDavid between the legs move, with an awesome call from Bob Cole"

2 hours ago
RT @rascalgas: Bob Cole is basically the Canadian version of Vin Scully.


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